Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All Ada!

Ada is such a sweet baby! She's so full of smiles and incredible facial expressions and is like my little, living baby doll! She's on a great schedule every 3 hours of eating, playing and sleeping. Baths are usually taken with her sister, who loves to help by pouring water all over her! Bed time is usually around 9:30pm and our mornings begin around 8:00am. Yes, I'm a very lucky Mommy! Right now she's a week away from 4 months and she's just barely starting to fit into 0-3 month sized clothing. Weighing in at a whopping 10.5lbs she's got teeny arms and legs that are so delicate and petite. She's still in size 1 diapers and I'm sure she'll be in them for a while. Her little 'coos' and 'ahhs' each day bring a smile to all of our faces and give us such joy! We are so so blessed!

Sitting on the bed while Mommy does laundry. Can you tell how paranoid I am about her and that Bumbo seat! After my nephew Jake falling head first out of his and off the kitchen counter at a young age, I'm a little overly cautious about it :) Hence all the pillows surrounding her!

She starts talking and the drool starts coming and the next thing you know, there's bubbles!

She just loves to talk! 

 After our chores were finished we had pedicures!! These are the cutest little hot pink toes I've ever seen!

My precious little baby doll.

Grammy and Papa's Visit

To celebrate Daddy's birthday, Grammy and Papa came for a visit! We had such a good time laughing and playing!

I'm not one for dressing the girls alike but Grammy happened to bring Abby a shirt that matched one I already had for Ada so we dressed them up to take pictures :) 

Helping Ada hold her head up

We celebrated Daddy's birthday with lunch at our favorite restaurant, Pam's. 

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Sweet Ada gets so much love from her sister! Abigail loves being a big sister and takes every opportunity she can to help out and assist with her sister :)  PS - Don't mind the mis-matched outfit, Abby also likes to dress herself!

Crazy Mommy!! What a surprise Abby got when I went in to get her up from her nap and proceeded to jump in her crib with her! It was a little scary with all the creaks and moans of the crib but it held up!

Little Miss Technology loves playing on Daddy's phone! She knows how to 'scroll' over to her little games and fights giving it back when Daddy needs it!

And a picture of my sweet sleeping angel, Ada. So peaceful.

Two smiling, happy girls! I just can't get enough of them! I had put Ada on the kitchen floor while I got breakfast ready and Abigail wanted to be just like her so she got a pillow and blanket and laid there also! 

I found this in the kitchen one afternoon and when I tried to pick her up to bring her back to her crib, Abigail came running and screaming. Apparently Baby wanted to nap in the kitchen and I was not supposed to wake her!

Right now in life, this is Abigail. She's a wild haired, wide-eyed, booger nose, drooling little 2 year old. This picture defines her exactly. I love it :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beach Babes

Two weeks ago, Joe had an Edward Jones retreat in Myrtle Beach and he let us girls tag along!! I was very excited but also extremely nervous, apprehensive and unsure of how things were going to go. Joe was going to be in a lot of meetings so help with the girls was going to be minimal if any at all. I can usually handle things on my own but a beach and open water with my wild Abby was a whole new experience and I was unsure of how I could do it. But we made it! And had TONS of fun and can't wait to go back!!! 

This was Abigail's first time in a hotel since she was about 5 months old so it was a whole new experience for her. The minute we got to the hotel she kept going "Whoa mommy" "Wook mommy" "Wow mommy".  It was extremely adorable and I loved seeing how new and amazing everything was through her eyes! 

We made sure to press all 16 buttons on the elevator, jumped on the bed, had the tv turned on non-stop and of course ran up and down the corridors :) The hotel alone was like an amusement park to her! 

Our room was amazing and overlooked the beach. Abby loved sitting by the window and watching people swimming and boats going by! We were truly spoiled on this trip with a great stay and good food! 

When we first got up to the room, we didn't have long before we had to be at dinner but Abigail and I managed to run down to the beach really quick. I couldn't wait to see the look on her face! I thought for sure she would run straight to the water and love it! But there she was, my brave little girl, apprehensive and afraid of the ocean!! I wish I could say she quickly warmed up but it took her until the following day to really learn to appreciate it!

Can you see the apprehension in her face??

Trying to figure out the waves and water...she was so nervous about those waves "Getting Her"! 

It was so much fun to 'see the beach' through her eyes!! 

Day 2 started out with corn chips for breakfast, served in a frisbee :) Yeah, I'm pretty much the best mom ever. (Don't worry, Edward Jones had a pretty nice breakfast buffet that we took advantage of after she finished the corn chips :) Don't you love the bedhead!

Day 2 was the day that Joe had meetings until about 12:30. I was going to try to get the girls to the beach/pool and back before then so that we could do lunch and some shopping! We started out at the beach first because it wasn't as crowded and because there were a couple people around that offered to help with Ada. I had the stroller packed down with all the 'essentials' needed - or that I thought I needed! I must've been a sight as I had to drag the packed stroller through the soft sand to get to the packed sand. But in the end it was totally worth it for the fun that Abigail had!

This is the only picture I have of Ada on the beach! LOL poor second child syndrome :)

Once she got comfy with the water and waves, she had a blast running in and out and trying to run away from the waves!
It really took Abigail a while to understand that the waves weren't going to 'get' her and she could sit where they reached the sand and enjoy the water. 

And of course she had to taste it!

On the way back to meet Daddy after an exhausting morning :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ada's nursery

Ada's nursery is so bright and colorful! The colors are almost neon depending on the time of day. The morning sun comes in through the windows and makes the room so cheerful! Abigail loves playing in there so many mornings we just plop on the floor and enjoy the sunshine!

Looking in the room (I just realized that the bow above Ada's name has fallen! Just envision that bow hanging up ;)

The changing table/dresser had glass drawers and I used some vintage fabric from Grandma Faye's house to cover them.  A little piece of Grandma for Ada :)  And of course as soon as Little Miss saw the camera out, she came running and screaming "Cheeeeeeese" at me!

Looking back into the hallway - That dollhouse on top of the bureau was my (Chrissie) Grandma Faye's when she was a little girl! So delicate and sweet!