Saturday, August 22, 2009

And Baby makes 4!

That's right! Baby #2 will join us in late March 2010!

Busy girl!

Abby and I have been spending a lot of days at our little lake beach lately. It's an easy fun activity that we both enjoy and it guarantees a nice long afternoon nap :)

She's a sneaky one...she makes sure I'm nice and comfy in the water and then she runs up and raids the bag for snacks!

Something about the beach/sun/water makes us want to eat eat eat!!

Our SC beach...a little dirty...a little smelly...but there's water and sun and some weird feeling sand - we'll take it!

Playing with her friend McKinlee

Feeding the baby :)

Our friends Katie and Matt were passing through SC and stopped by our house for a quick hi and while they were here we pulled out the bikes! This was Abigail's first (and only) time in the basket and she loved it! Kept waving bye bye to us!

Silly girl :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More from GA trip...

Playing outside with Grandpa - I think this picture is so funny cause they both have the same expression as they're looking at the phone!

Trying to explain to Abigail that a phone is not a toy! Boy does Grandpa have it allllll wrong :)

I think this was the one second that Abigail was actually calm and not a spazzoid tornado the entire week!

We went to the beach with Grandpa and of course upon reaching the water, Abigail HAD to have a taste!

She loves the beach!


Grandpa and Abigail searching for treasures on the shells, except for some freshwater clams but lots of sticks and rocks!

Playing with her treasures...can you see the very special one by her foot?

Yes, I let my child play with a bug...and a roach at that! EWWWW! She's my little Diva Tomboy!

Going down the slide at the park with Grandpa!


We also went to Aunt Tami's farm while we were in town. Abigail loved chasing the chickens, talking to the sheep and trying to get Conrad the dog to let her pet him!

Stop staring at me sheep!

Is it a sheep or a dog? So confused!

She loved Conrad! Kept calling him a "Duh, Duh, Duh"