Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our trip to OH-IO

This past weekend we took a trip up to Columbus, OH to visit Joe's grandparents and his Uncle Mark and his family. We had a great time introducing Abigail to her Great-Grandparents! She loved riding with Great-Grandpa Murfin on his walker and then playing with her Great-Grandma and reading to her!

While we were there, Joe got to go to the Ohio State game! He was a true Buckeye :)

We also celebrated Abigail's cousin Mia's third birthday at World of Bounce. It's this warehouse building with all different kinds of bounce houses and slides. She had such a great time and was able to keep up with all the big kids!

It was a long drive and a whirwind time but we had a great trip!!

Press play to watch the video

She loved jumping in the bounce houses!

Her daddy took her up the biiiiig slide

Going dooooown!

Wheeeee - you can barely see it but there is a huge smile on her face

Whew! What a rush!!

The sweet birthday girl, Mia

Joe's cousin Kristen and her husband Joel and their sweet kids, Mia and Braylon

Great-grandpa Murfin taking Abigail for a ride

While we were in Georgia, Grandpa Wine taught Abigail how to use the water fountain and now she has to play with it everytime we see one!

4 generations of the Murfin family

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our past weekend...

This past weekend Abigail and I drove over to Hiawassee, GA for my Great-Grandfather's funeral. He was just 3 months away from turning 102! He lived a long and amazing life...can you imagine being around before tv and refrigerators? :) The man had quite the stories to tell and it was amazing that we were all able to meet him.

With his Great-Great Granddaughter Abigail when she was 5 months old.

Our 5 generations - my dad Mike Wine, Grandma Faye Wine, Abby, Great Grandpa K and me. Hard to believe!

Here is the whole family (well minus some spouses and cousins) after the funeral. (Click the image to enlarge it) My Great-Grandpa K had been married to Grandma Mildred for about 20 years. She'll be turning 100 this year! This picture has my Great-Grandpa's side in it and also Mildred's side.

With my dad and Grandma Faye and Bumpy

Just the Klepinger/Wine side of the family (again, minus some spouses and cousins)

Three little cousins (first cousins once removed) playing in a bubble bath!! Hayden and Vance had a great time with little Abigail!

While we were there we stayed with my Aunt Tami at her 'mini farm'. She has mini sheep, mini horses and chickens!

Trying to call the sheet over.

Daddy drove up for the day to see all the family!

Abigail wasn't crazy about getting on the horses, but she was fearless when it came to feeding them and being on their level!

Good horsey

The one picture I have where she's not screaming :)

A little horse for a little girl!

Water break with Grandpa

The three little cousins again. It was a wild house that weekend! But Abigail was able to keep up with the boys!

I don't know why but she was expression-less as she rose the merry-go-round for the 50th time. With all the rain that they had that week we were getting a little house-crazy. So we took her to Fun World which is like a big arcade center and just let her run loose!

Exploring the mini-golf with Grandpa


"Mom, they're not real kids"

Now we're getting ready to take off again - Ohio bound this weekend to visit Joe's grandparents and family!