Monday, June 18, 2012

Abby 3K class picture

Abby's teachers were Ms. Martrano and Ms. Hudson


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Georgia Mountains

The girls decided that a trip to Georgia was much needed...we always have a great time with Grandpa and playing in the lake and the fresh Georgia air. So we loaded up and took a 6 hr drive across the mountains. 

Loving on Great-Great Grandma Mary
One afternoon we stopped at the park for a little afternoon play, but the park is right next to the beach, so I let Abby go wade in the water a bit...well a bit turned into a lot and the next thing we knew she was swimming! HAHA As we were driving back to Grandpa's house, I asked a nekkid Abby if her shivering and sitting nekkid in the car was worth it, and she said yes :)

The next day we took the girls to a different little park area  - Abby loved the jet ski and kayak but Ada was content just playing in the sand with her toys.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A party fit for a princess!

Abby's 4!! And to celebrate we had a princess party - complete with Cinderella herself! Abby was beside herself when she saw Cinderella! So excited and happy it was unbelievable!
The coloring table - each princess and prince were able to make their own crown
Even Daddy got in on the action!
Prince Kyler
Love how the boys even got into it!
Just more proof of our spoiled princess!
 Seeing Cinderella for the first time - she was screaming to all her friends!! Love her little ring on her finger too :)
Abby was in absolute awe!
It didn't take long for all the princesses - and princes - to come running!
She even played hide 'n seek with the kids!
And managed to get them all quiet and listen while she read a book

 I love her face here - she loves it when it's time to sing the Birthday song but she get so embarrassed to have all the attention on her!
 Opening presents was a bit of a chaos!
 Mommy finally gave in on trying to keep track of things!
 Cinderella and Princess Ada
 Abby had a Castle pinata and everyone got to take a whack! Finally it broke open!! Adorable how all the little Princes are standing around cheering her on! Or are they giving her instructions?
 The Loot!
 Happy Birthday Princess!!
 Kelsie, Abby and Kinlee
 Giving Cinderella good-bye hugs. They were so sad to see her go but it was a wonderful time!