Friday, April 24, 2009

Another day...

Since the weather's been so nice we've been eating outside! She loves to look at the trees and birds!

She also loves that she's lower to the ground so it makes feeding the dogs easier...

And when she's done she can get down and play!!

Her new favorite thing, she puts teddy into the stroller and takes him for walks :)

So stinking cute!

Short video of her jumping (press play)

Another video (press play)

Press Play

Press play

Press play

Press play

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 months

10 months old!! This past weekend she took off on walking and is quickly becoming a pro!

Our poor dogs are tortured around this house! (And yes her dress is tucked into her bloomers!)

Milly was a good sport though and put up with Abigail for quite a long time!

Abigail had a ball pushing Milly around in the basket and it looked like Milly was enjoying herself! (press play)

Layla was not so crazy about it though. (press play)

Monday, April 13, 2009

More from the weekend...

Picking out books with Grammy

Showing off those pearly whites!

Grammy bought her a baby stroller and she loved taking baby for a walk!

"Good Baby"

Walking baby (Press play)

Doing laundry (press play)

Falling in (Press play)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Easter

Happy Easter Ya'll!

Easter morning

After church she had to call all her friends and discuss what the bunny brought her! She was a little disappointed that mommy and daddy didn't get her anything but her sweet friend, Ashley Flowers made sure that she was spoiled with a basket!

Introducing her to the bunny. She was so chill about him - didn't really care.

After church - Easter 2009

She was not too happy with the empty eggs

Her head looks so odd without her flower!

She did not want mommy to put her down!

She loves her Grammy!

Showing daddy the bunny that Ashley got her! She loves him! (the bunny and Ashley:)

Video of her crawling in her dress (Press Play)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter weekend

This weekend Joe's mom came up for Easter and on Saturday we had Abigail's first Easter egg hunt.
Abigail and Grammy color an Easter picture

Coloring another picture with daddy

She was showing off her standing skills (look at those wrinkly knees!)

Getting Easter hugs from Kyler

He even went in for the kiss!

Daddy and Abigail strategize for the hunt

She found one!

But then Kyler came over and saw an opportunity to "lovingly take" Abigail's eggs!

So Daddy lifted her up and she found a bunch more!

Passing the eggs off to daddy

They even had candy in them!!

Showing her eggs to McKinlee

Mommy stood on the sidelines and took pictures!

We played on all the toys!

And slid down the slide!

Then we counted the loot!

Here she is counting her eggs (Press play)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So cute!

Ok so is this not the cutest baby ever :)

And are these not the cutest little treats ever!! So sweet and yummy!! If you haven't heard of Bakerella then you need to visit her site. Look to the right of this page and you will see a link there. She's so talented and crafty! I had to give her cupcake pops a try and they turned out so sweet!!