Monday, February 28, 2011

Even more Spring!!

More spring days! The second I let them, these two girls are out the door and playing! Ada's still in the crawling stage so she's definitely wrecking some of her pants, hopefully she'll start walking soon and we'll be able to save her knees when she's wearing shorts this summer! 
A favorite activity is riding and driving the car! Abby loves to push Ada and Ada is not complaining about the ride :)

I love the way Ada has a hand on the steering wheel and the other hanging out the side of the car...she's just cruising!

And of course they both have to get in and have Mommy push! Two little girls just out for a cruise!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The circus is in town!

The 'Greatest Show on Earth' came to town and we took the girls!! We went with Abigail's bestest little friend, Kelsie and her cousin Logan. The kids had a blast and Abigail is still talking about the clowns and elephants! Of course the first thing she did mention when it was over was that there were no horsies and she was very disappointed in that :) Guess we'll have to make a visit to a farm to fulfill her horse craving! 

Even Ada loved it!

Out of focus but I love her smile! She was so excited!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring is coming!!!

We've had a lot of gorgeous weather lately and we've been taking full advantage with our open doors/windows, picnics outside, parks, playgrounds and just sitting by the cool breeze! I definitely have 2 little outdoor-loving girls!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentines from Grandma!

Grandma (Chrissie's mom) sent the girls a little Valentine package and the girls loved their little bears! Of course, the tag on the bears was also a big hit :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My little model!

Our pastor's wife, Flora, made Abigail the cutest little summer dress! I had Abby try it on to see how it fit and she loved it! She twirled and posed and was the best little model! I just loved how happy she was looking in the mirror at herself!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tippy Tap Shoes...

Another video of Abigail tap dancing! I can't wait till the costumes come in for her recital! She's going to flip when she sees that she gets to be a princess for the night!! (She's the one in the purple skirt - Mommy had a difficult time holding Ada and running the camera at the same time!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

11 Months old

Ada turned 11 months! She celebrated by breaking in another bottom tooth! Her little smile is so sweet with those little teeth shining back at you! She's great at cruising around the furniture and walking behind toys but really is content just crawling where she wants to go. When she does stand up on her own, she gets so excited and starts jumping around and then falls :) She's still a little sweetheart and loves to cuddle! She has an amazing love of music and dances when she hears a song or claps her little hands. She also has a precious 'Ms. America wave' that she uses to say goodbye. And she blows the sweetest kisses :) She's eating just about the same things that we are eating with the exception of meat. Her favorite foods are definitely fruits like mangos, peaches, pears...anything sweet. She's still on 2 naps a day and goes to bed at 8pm and usually* sleeps through the night (she throws us for a loop every now and then!). She is so loved by her sister who she looks up to and just follows around everywhere! She's still in 6-9 month clothing and is considerably small compared to others her age. She's just our petite little thing! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Silly sisters!

These two are such fun!! Always cracking us up :) And yes, this is a re-occurring game in our house!

Abigail is NEVER allowed to feed her sister...we have a very strict rule about it because I don't want to ever have to worry about her giving Ada something she could choke on. However, one afternoon I was cleaning up after Abby and I's lunch and left the room for 30 seconds. I came back to find this mess. Apparently Ada was wanting more food and since I didn't come fast enough, Abby had decided to take matters into her own hands. Thus resulting in an unplanned bath time. Ada definitely didn't seem to mind!
Morning pancakes! Both my girls are major carb-aholics! Every morning we enjoy a breakfast of pancakes! It's become such a routine that if there's a morning without them, Abigail gets slightly confused as to what's going on! One particular morning I let them eat their pancakes, sans plates and forks while watching morning cartoons. Pretty sure I earned some points as "World's Greatest Mother" :)
 Ada loves to share her food with Abby but always gets shot down because Abby doesn't want anything with baby spit on it!
Tub time!! My girls have always taken baths together and love the time in the tub! They play so nice and have so much fun! This next picture is horrible since I was playing with my camera but I love that they are sitting in all the tub toys!
Wondering why Abigail got out and she's all alone in the tub!

Sisters do everything together! Including making messes!!

Video of the cuteness :)