Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some randomness

Grandma helped out by giving Ada a bath one night...Ada just loves the warm water and Grandma's soft hands :)

After bath time, Ada is completely knocked out! The warm water and soothing sounds of the water just exhaust her!

Lately we've been having some problems with Abigail and the dogs...she gets a little too rough with them and they get annoyed but at the end of the day they love each other :)

Abigail is so silly and is starting to really express herself through her imagination! She loves to dress up and all things pretty. One evening she put on daddy's socks and declared herself ("pitty pitty" translation "Pretty Pretty")

And I just love this picture. We were having a couple pine trees removed from our backyard and Abigail just spent the morning watching the men removed the trees with their crane and chainsaws. There was just so much wonder in her face as she kept saying "Whoa Whoa" each time the men climbed up the tree and cut parts of it off. It's just so cute to be able to watch things like this through her eyes and see how much she learns and experiences!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More from mom's visit...

Grandma LOVES to shop!! And lucky for her, Abby does too!!

How creepy is this picture??

Grandma had an impromptu photo shoot in the store's flower section!
"Seriously...are we done?"

Then she started getting silly :)

Just hanging out on the couch with grandma

Sillyness in the car - Abby's such a goof!

Abby loves her new baby doll!!

She's recently discovered 'flowers' and blowing the petals off them!

Does this look like an accident waiting to happen or what?!?

"Cheeeese" after getting her nails painted.

One of the days mom was here, we went over one of Abby's little friend's house for a picnic. Abby and Kelsie are good friends and are in the same 2K class. Such a sweet family and Abby just adores them! She even calls their house "my house". 

This picture is kinda a glimpse into the future...can't you just see them at 16 - Abby holding on for dear life and Kelsie screaming "Whoooooo" at the top of her lungs?!? Kinda scary!!
True friend love :)
 A couple more from the dedication day...

Ada's one month old!

This post is a little late but I've been a little pre-occupied lately! Hopefully I'll be getting back up to speed soon.
Ada Lynn turned one month on April 8th! She's finally starting to wake up a little and watch the world around her! Most of her days are still spent sleeping, eating and pooping though :) She's doing really well at night - goes down around 9-10pm and then is up around 2:30 for 30 min and then down again until 6:30-7am. Her weight at one month was 6lbs 8oz. Just a pound up from her birth weight! She's adjusting really well to joining our family and is learning how to cope with Abigail and life on the go! Abby just loves her and takes every chance she gets to let Ada know!

Happy One Month Birthday Ada!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grandma Wine's here!!

Grandma Wine (Teri, Chrissie's mom) came for a visit for a whole week!! So far it's been a lot of eating, shopping, playing and having a great time!! This past Sunday we also dedicated Ada in church! I'll put some pictures from the service up in a later post.

After the dedication service we headed over to Kalmia Gardens to take some pictures with the flowers and blooming trees.

Abby and Daddy try out the joggling board.

Relaxing with Grandma after a long shopping day!

Abigail and Grandma showed off their artistic side on the driveway. Abigail loves the drawing and every time we go outside she still stops to admire it!!

Standing back and admiring their work!