Thursday, August 26, 2010

Georgia...sweeeeet Georgia!

Two weeks ago we took a quick trip over to Hiawassee. This time there wasn't an agenda, just acting like tourists. Something that we really haven't done in almost 10 years! We do travel over there quite a bit but our trips are always filled with family activities, dinners, and festivities. This time we were 'agenda-free'! We brought some friends with us to enjoy the mountains and long drive! Scott and Karin and their son, Jacob. We had such a good time driving all over the northeast Georgia countrysides! The kids really did great with all the traveling - considering they were in the car for at least 5 hours each day! They enjoy going to new places and visiting people just as much as mommy and daddy do!

We started our trip at the farm! Aunt Tammy let the kids feed the sheep and chickens. Abby wasn't really into it this trip and was a little freaked by the sheep but Jacob really had a great time!
This is what Abby had running towards her! They were just going from one pen to the other. 

The following day we jumped up and drove to the top of Brasstown Valley Mountain. We were so excited to do a little hiking through the woods and show Abby some 'mountain ways'. Well after a 30 minute drive around winding curves and steep ledges we got to the top. What a view!

We didn't take into account that it was a cloudy day in the valley and therefore would be cloudy in the mountains. Quite amusing :) Then to make things even more interesting, Scott and Karin's car was acting funny and when they checked the oil they realized that there was none! And then to top it off, we happened to glance at the gas gauge in our car and it was almost empty!! Both cars were doing a little coasting on the way down the mountain :) 

After the excitement slowed down a bit, we headed over to Helen, GA. A small tourist town that is supposed to look like a little German village. We did a lot of shopping and walking around and of course some eating!

After we got our fill of that tourist-trap, we started our drive over to Blue Ridge for a visit to the Mercier Orchards. But along the way we found this. Yes, Goats on A Roof! We had to stop and check it out!

And true to its name, there were goats. On the roof. You could feed the goats via various cranks and pulleys around the building. All the kids got a kick out of it...especially the big ones :) 

After we had our share of goats, we headed over to Mercier Orchards where sugar on a stick was enjoyed by all!

We ended our trip with a morning on the lake. A quick boat ride then splashing around on 'the beach'. Nothing like orange water and clay to make you appreciate the real beach!

Even Ada enjoyed the boat!

Family picture 

Wind in her hair, cookie on her face! The day was pretty amazing for this 2 year old!
Sweet Jacob wanted to take a picture with Abby but she just wouldn't smile!

At the beach, the kids had a great time giving themselves full-body 'mud masks'!

Then we ended the day with a picnic in the park with "Geepa" and some even muddier water!!

Bumpy's new gal - Patty! She's so very sweet!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More randoms...

Isn't this sweet - this is the only picture I have so far of her in this half-roll stage...she's officially rolling belly to back so this half-roll is just about gone. Sad but exciting at the same time! 

Lately I've been on this 'new hobby' kick and have wanted to learn how to do everything I've always wanted to do but never had time. Well, I still don't have the time but figured what better time to start new things than now! First on my list was sewing. So I bought a sewing machine and set it up on my dining room table. Where it sat. And sat. For almost 3 long, lonely months. Yes, I walked by it every day but I never even had the courage to turn it on. So intimidating. Which is quite amusing considering my grandmother, Faye Wine, was a big producer for McCall's patterns and she was constantly sewing! I had barely mentioned this fact to our Pastor's wife, Flora Colbach and she immediately offered to come over and help me. So during nap time one afternoon, she helped me turn on my machine :) YAY! After producing a pillow case she decided we could tackle a harder project, a dress for Abby made from one of Joe's dress shirts! Flora did most of the cutting, pinning and reading of the pattern. But I helped :) So cute!!
 Abby is constantly wanting to hold and love on Ada. And every.single.time she wants to have her picture taken. Kinda like a "See Mom, I'm a nice sister!"

Just over this past week, we introduced Ada to the exersaucer. I loved using this thing with Abby cause I can pull it from room to room with the baby in it and it keeps baby entertained for quite a while! Needless to say, Ada loves it! She swings her dangling feet and talks to all the toys. She's still a little too wee for it and I have to stuff blankets around her but it doesn't bother her a bit!
Oh, did I mention that big sister thinks she has to stuff things around Ada too? LOL - notice the baby, blankets and you can't see the multiple toys that were in there with her!

 Is there anything funnier than a 2 year old tantrum? I mean, at the time it's not fun...kinda exhausting and if you're in public it's quite embarrassing. But when you're home, and just sitting around, and the 2 year old freaks out over something so trivial and won't calm down no matter what. Then, it's kinda funny. Especially when she freaks out even more when you get out your camera. I just had to document it. And yes, come that time when a boy asks for her hand in marriage, I will be pulling these pictures out to show her future husband what he's getting himself into :)   (And no, I didn't dress her. She's 2, remember? Apparently she can do it herself)

Can you feel the meanness yet??

Love this - shows their different personalities right now, Abby's annoyed cause I won't leave her alone and Ada's just smiling away as usual. And no, I didn't tell her to hold Ada's hand. She loves holding hands for some reason and if they're next to each other she always does.

"Look Mom, I'm driving!" followed by "She's bouncing off the walls" and "You got a 2 year old skates??"

For no apparent reason other than the fact that we knew she'd love it, we got Abigail a little Power Wheels 4X4. And if she's going to be a South Carolina girl, then it needs to be a John Deere Power Wheels :) The girl's a little crazy driving it, and hopefully this isn't an indication of how she'll be in 14 years - but that's enough practice time right?

"OK so, the gas is on the right, right? No wait, left? No, the right is right"

Daddy helps Abby along in the beginning...
I love this picture...Daddy trying to keep Abby from hitting a tree and Abby looking oblivious to all around her :)


Little girl, big yard.

"Ummmmm, Daddy?!?"

A couple weekends ago we wanted to get Abby out of the house and run off some energy. So we took her to Fundaygo which is a warehouse that's filled with bounce houses and slides. There were only a couple other kids there so we were able to really play and have a great time! 


Even Ada had fun jumping!


Even Daddy had a chance to go down the slides!
I don't know who had more fun, Daddy or Abby! Both had smiles that took over their faces!

I bought Abigail roller skates. Yes, I probably wasn't thinking straight. The cheap price tag probably was the main reason. But let me tell you - that girl loves them :) And my justification for them is that it's helping her balance and coordination. Yes, I know, far fetched but I had to have something :)  (ignore the wild hair - she had just gotten into my hair goop)