Monday, February 4, 2008

Less than 18 weeks!

We're past the halfway point! We only have 18 weeks left till we meet our little girl! We're excited, overwhelmed, nervous and excited all at the same time!! We just want to see her already!!

This past weekend we took a drive up to Virginia to see some friends of ours - Chris and Erica Cleghorn and thier adorable son Noah!! We brought the dogs with us and it was quite interesting to see how they reacted around "a little person". They did pretty good after being chased, hugged and loved non-stop :) Layla really loved that Noah was so close to the ground that she could take things right out of his hands - they both looooved the mat under Noah's seat :) It was like non-stop treat weekend!

On Saturday we all went to Jamestown and walked around enjoying the warmer weather and the history. It is so beautiful there! It was a long day but we had a lot of fun!

So baby is starting to really grow! She is very active in there and I actually look forward to her 'nap times' as it gives my body a break from all the kicks! Of course I'm sure it doesn't help that I pack her full of sugar since I don't seem to crave anything healthy nowdays! Cookies and ice cream just sound so much better for dinner than veggies and meat!