Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chug-A-chug-A-chug-A-chug-A-CHOO CHOO!

For Abigail's birthday weekend, we went with her friend Kelsie, and family up to the North Carolina mountains to Tweetsie Railroad. Thomas the Train was going to be visiting!! Kelsie's sister, Jamie is a big Thomas fan and the 4 girls just had a blast together! The Tweetsie Railroad is up in the Boone area so it was a bit of a drive but our girls did so great! While we were up there, we took time to go to some caverns, to a waterfall and also to a Ripley's-type house that was built on the side of a mountain. 

Here comes Thomas!!

Riding Thomas! Abby was a little apprehensive and was actually scared when we first got on but once it started and she was riding the train it was a lot of fun!

The wonderful Fink family! They are so amazing and we have definitely been blessed to know them! Abby LOVES Kelsie and all the little girls are so much fun to watch interact!

Ada and Jamie clapping for their big sisters, who were riding the sky lift with their Daddies. 

Joe loved feeding the llamas!  And the llamas loved feeding off him!!
This sweet little goat managed to squeeze out and the girls loved being able to pet him!
 Ada just wanted to hug on him!

Mommy, Abby and Kelsie riding one of the rides

Try getting 4 girls to stand still and smile all at the same time. Impossible.

Oh yes we did.

A long day of trains and fun :)
 Best friends sharing some computer time before bed :)

The following day we went to a place called Mystery Hill in Blowing Rock, NC. It's a house that defies gravity and is built on a type of force field. You can defy gravity by rolling a ball uphill and standing on an angle of 45 degrees without falling over! It was definitely a neat experience...a little motion sickening but neat :)

How neat is this bubble wand? The whole room had different ways to blow bubbles, from regular wands to ropes tied between poles. It smelled of Dawn detergent! Everyone had a turn of a bubble built around them!

Bubble Kelsie
 Bubble Abby
Bubbly Daddy
 Todd was so skilled, he could bubble himself!
 Bubble Jenn and Jamie!
Bubble Mommy and Ada

After the Mystery house, we headed over to some caverns. It was really neat to show the girls the inside of a mountain. Abby, unfortunately wasn't impressed and couldn't wait to get back out. But the Mommy and Daddy liked it!

Best Friends!

 Silly Daddy!

On the drive, there were Christmas tree farms all over! Rows and rows of trees! It was so fun to look at all the different farms!

After we had our fill of caverns, we packed the girls back up and headed to a waterfall!
This shows just how narrow it was - dangerous but so much fun!!

Such a great trip!! I love these friends!!!