Sunday, September 30, 2007

Joe + Chrissie = Baby!!

The morning of September 27th I woke up to a funny feeling. Running to the bathroom I ripped open the cabinet, tore into the package and proceeded to pee on a stick :) I watched as not one but two little lines came up...thinking it had to be wrong I peed on another stick - this time one that actually spelled the words out! Within seconds a beautiful word came up...PREGNANT! I couldn't believe my eyes! Then came the decision - do I wait till after work and tell Joe the sweet, creative way I had planned or do I go wake him up and share the news now? Shaking and not thinking properly, I decided I couldn't wait!! I woke Joe up, told him I had something for him and then flipped the light on while shoving the pee-stick in his face. Stunned, shocked, confused, excited, we both couldn't believe it. We were in shock for most of the day as it slowly started to sink in. We still can't believe it! We're having a baby!!!

Baby Thomas - Due June 7, 2008

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