Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A weekend in Michigan

This past weekend, Abigail and I packed up and flew north for a few days to visit my aunt and her family. They live just outside of Detroit in a beautiful little community! The weather was perfect for almost our entire trip! We had packed days full of shopping, Apple Cider Mills, shopping, hockey games, naps, shopping, lacrosse games and of course more shopping followed by eating! We had a great time and loved our visit!

We went to an Apple Cider Mill and had an apple pastry and juice and walked by the creek!

Abigail and Oliver were best buds...each following the other - one just wanting attention and the other just wanting the food that was being dropped :)

Abigail with Cousin Ryan before his hockey game. Abigail got to go to her first hockey game and her first lacrosse game this weekend. She was way more impressed with the hockey and all the guys skating around the ice.

Playing in the front yard. I'm so jealous of their green grass! Ours turned brown the second it was declared fall!

Swinging in the park. I promise she was having fun! I think the scarf may have been tight :)

Their mall is 3 stories and crosses over a highway! It was wonderful! We stopped to take a break at the Santa display (which was a huge castle!) and Abigail made a friend. Well actually, she just stood there while this little boy loved on her!

He couldn't stop giving her hugs! Look how her arms are still lying by her sides. She literally just stood there while he was all over her!

Eating their display, yummy!

The plane ride home was interesting as Abs was so overtired and cranky that she made it a memorable trip for everyone! You can just see the exhaustion in her eyes!

Sitting in her seat like a big girl and reading through the Sky Mall. Notice how baby had to be buckled into her seatbelt with her :)

We had a great time and definitely want to come again!! Next time we want snow :)

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed...

Abigail and Kyler jumping on the bed! Don't worry...no one fell off and bumped their head :)

Baby friends!

Sweet Esme and Abigail have known each other since birth! They absolutely adore each other! Constantly hugs and fun play! It's going to be so much fun to watch them grow up together!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dog food is still the preferred treat!

This is just proof that it's still happening...she still eats dog food...and plays in the water...hopefully it stops soon!