Monday, October 18, 2010

2 years and 7 months...

These pictures were supposed to be Abigail's 2 year and then Ada's 6 month pictures but of course I let time get away from me again and they have turned into Abigail's 28 month and Ada's 7 month pictures! One of these days I'll get caught up in life!

These two girls are such a gift to Joe and I! There's so much laughing and playing and happiness with these two (of course there's an even amount of whining/crying also!). We have daily tea parties, coloring contests, fights and hitting, eating contests (Abby always wins!), there's playing outside on the swings, driving the little pink car, pony rides (and I wonder why my back hurts so bad), and so much more! It's always a party!! 

At just over 2 years old, Abigail is weighing in at a whopping 27lbs and is fitting into 2t clothes perfectly. She's rambunctious, wild and a free spirit but can also be sweet and cuddly when she wants. She's very vocal and demanding (which we're working on!). Right now, the cutest and most entertaining thing she does is when she gets mad/frustrated, she does 'blowing exercises' to calm down. She'll start taking deep breathes and will tell you she's taking them and then let you know she's "happy now". It's a challenge trying to get a strong-willed, highly emotional 2 year old to control herself sometimes :)

Ada is still just as sweet as can be. She too, definitely has a temper and knows how to get our attention! At 7 months, she's weighing in at about 12lbs and fitting into 3 month clothes with a couple 6 months here and there.  People often comment on how tiny she still is and they often think she's around 5 months old!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

7 months old

At 7 months old, Ada really started the adventure of becoming mobile. She did the baby push-ups, the army pull, the caterpillar, etc...the girl really wanted to be on the go! She's really able to interact with Abigail now and it's so much fun to see the two of them playing together! Abigail loves helping with her baby sister and taking care of her! Ada's like her own little baby doll!

Of course she had to try the leaves and pine cones out!

Ahh! Doesn't taste or feel very good!

"Mom, why'd you let me do that?!?"

Since she's such a big girl now, we decided to try out the mesh feeder. She loved it! I put some frozen grapes in it and that kept her occupied for almost 20 minutes! 

Every day is a new, adventurous day here at the Thomas house...lately the adventure is dress-up! Abby has been obsessed with princess dresses and shoes and all things imaginary! It's so fun! I especially love when she plays dog and crawls around on all fours while barking :) She does get embarrassed very easily though and is extremely sensitive. It's cute to see the emotions coming out! She has this new thing where she says she's shy. So cute!

My little cowgirl-princess-cheerleader stood still for a whole 2 seconds so I could get this quick shot!

And this is what was happening the rest of the time! The girl never stays still for long!

Ada just sits and watches Abigail as she whirls and twirls around the house!

Ada doing her floor exercises...she has four that she rotates through right now :)
The lazy push-up
 The caterpillar/arm flail
 Push-up to her knees
On the toes push-up

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Punkin Patch

Abigail's class had a field trip to the pumpkin patch and we had a great time! There was a story, snack and of course a pumpkin!! We didn't decorate them this year, just kept them around as decoration. Mommy was too scared of the mess and nastiness :) 

Abby and her BFF Kelsie checking out the pumpkins

Love how they kept holding hands and running through the 'patch'

Can you find Abby??

Ada was passed around and just loved watching all the action around her! Mrs. Jordan loves a sweet little baby!

How cute is she!! Growing up into such a big, little girl!

Found the perfect one!!

No wait, this is the perfect one!!

This is what happens after a long morning in the pumpkin patch! One exhausted little girl!