Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summertime...and the livin's easy...

Summer's not even officially here but us Thomas girls are in full-force-fun mode! What's better than dinner picnics, motorcycle rides, pushing our friends in play cars and of course water fun!?! We've definitely been taking advantage of the warm weather!

Abby and Kyler started off our pizza picnic by taking a spin on the bike! Kyler even let Abby drive!

Abby has been going through a little shyness phase lately and gets embarrassed very easily. We were all making such a big deal out of how cute they were and she just couldn't take it :)

Ada was a little bit of a party pooper and pretty much slept the whole time :)

She had to check out the bike first

My little biker babe

The chase is on!

Joe took each of the kids on a wild ride around the yard on the push-car!

Abby's video

Kyler's video

I think it's kinda interesting that both Kyler and Abby's videos are the same time...Joe timed that one just perfect!

We also had Abby's friend McKinlee over for some fun! Within minutes of arriving, we broke out the water toys and tossed the clothes!

The following are a couple videos from the day!

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