Monday, May 31, 2010

Love them!

Can it get any cuter than a big sister who wants to love her little sister non-stop?!? I think not! I had yet to put clothes on Ada one morning and big sister Abby decided that if Ada didn't have to wear clothes then neither did she!

Ada is not really a fan of tummy time and refuses to hold her head up. We usually cheat a little and hold her against our chests to strengthen those neck muscles!

Abigail helped herself to a snack and poured a bowl of cookies! When she walked into the room with that big bowl of cookies I had to just laugh. But she was a great sister and wanted to share with Ada so badly!

I love how Abby loves her sister. So sweetly and amazed! And I can already see the admiration in Ada's eyes as she stares at Abby. They both just look at each other with such love and awe! I can't wait to watch them grow up together and hopefully have that loving, sister bond grow stronger!

And well, this picture just makes me smile cause it's Abby's personality all in one shot! Crazy, wild, non-stop and wanting to show her sister everything she can!

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Amber Cullum said...

I just love Abby's facial expressions. Those pictures are so sweet. They will be great to see on a slide show one day when one of them gets married, or graduates, or something