Friday, May 21, 2010

Strawberry pickin'

Last weekend we went with the Facenda family to the strawberry festival at a local farm - McLeod Farms. We started out the morning with a tractor ride out the the fields where they turned us loose on the fields - actually that's an understatement...we conquered those fields :) The weather was perfect and strawberries were everywhere! Of course as soon as we got off the tractor, Abby and Kyler began stuffing their faces with the deliciousness! I'm pretty sure that all the strawberries in our basket had a bit taken out of them! 

Starting out with strawberry faces!

Our ride out to the fields. Sweet and sweaty Ada is somewhere under there :) She was so great the whole day and just slept the entire time!

Discussing the strategy for tackling the field.

Mommy trying to explain to Abby that she just needs to pick the red ones

Such intense picking :)

Can you see Joe? He takes the job very serious - I think he was the last one out in the field!

Carie and Kyler concentrating very hard on finding the perfect berry!

How cute was this little thing?? 
Perfect weather. Perfect day. Perfect friends. Perfect memories.

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