Friday, May 7, 2010

Matt and Katie visit!!

Our wonderful friends from West Palm Beach, FL came to visit us last weekend!! Abigail loves her Katie and Matt and we had a great time with them!!

Saturday morning we woke up and went downtown to the Hartsville Market. We got to see Smithfield the painting pig, who was unfortunately taking a painting break! 

Katie and Matt were naturals with the girls! We were non-stop and they were only here for a day! We went to the Hartsville Market, shopped a little downtown, had lunch at the Midnight Rooster, headed back home for naps and the boys went to shoot guns, then we had dinner at Pam's Country Buffet followed by an evening at the park! We tried to wear every one out :)

Katie even tried out the playground!!

Matt and Ada just chilled and watched while we all ran out the energy :)

My little monkey :)

We love you and miss you Matt and Katie!!

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