Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The end of school

Abby had her last day of her 1st year at 2K :) Get all that? Her birthday is missing the cutoff by a couple months but we were able to get her into a great school since we enrolled her at the end of the school year. She started in February and it was a huge help during that last month of pregnancy and during the beginning of Ada's life. But since she misses the cutoff for school, she'll have to repeat 2K. So next year she'll be a pro! Her class this year was so cute and she really learned a lot in the couple months that she was there. She was the youngest by over a year but she managed to keep up with all of them! She learned how to drink with a real cup, sing songs with hand motions and even tried to start using the potty like a big girl! Abby was well loved by all - each morning she was greeted with hugs from all the little friends :)

Her end of the year party included pizza and capri suns - Abigail's favorites!!

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