Sunday, May 23, 2010

My little Picaso

Hot day...bored almost 2-year-old...mommy's paint supply...FUN!

It all started out nice and messes were being made and Abigail was being very particular about keeping the paint on the paper, the brush and the plate.

She was actually quite pleased with what she was creating! And such an imagination! Knew exactly what she was painting and how she wanted it to look!

But then things got a little crazy...a switched flipped in her head and her eyes got a weird look...then it started...the painting of the body parts...

And what happens when you've run out of feet and arms??? You taste it of course!!

Follow it all up by washing mommy's car in the buff and you've got a great afternoon!

Video of the artist doing her thing...


Amber Cullum said...

Awesome!!! I also love (what I am assuming is her daddy's) the shirt she's donning

Katie D said...

LOLOLOL this is awesome Chrissie