Friday, May 7, 2010


I've really been slacking on the blog lately!! We've been so busy enjoying this gorgeous weather and taking advantage of our swing set and local parks! Abigail is loving the no-shoes, tank tops, and outside weather! She is definitely showing signs of a fun and active summer - it's written all over her bruised, scraped and squito-bitten legs and body :) She's definitely a 'hard' player!

The last couple days she has just been entranced with playing with sissy Ada on the play mat. Every single time I set that thing up she has to be under it with Ada. Loves talking and singing and explaining things to her in talk that only little ones can understand :)

Notice here how Ada's crying and Abby has a look of "I didn't even touch her!!" Yeah, right.

Abigail has been very into 'mimicking' lately. She grocery shops, pushes babies, feeds babies, cooks, and even talks on the phone! Definitely my little mini-me :) She loves how Ada's car seat snaps onto the stroller so we had to make her baby's car seat fit on the 'stroller' too :) I wonder where she learned to hold the phone with her shoulder???

More pictures of baby Ada playing on the mat. These pictures are so eerily similar to ones I have of Abby when she was this age! There are so many similarities already to the two girls! I fear that Joe's going to have 2 of the prissiest girls living with him :)

And of course what a better way to start the day than loving and playing with your sister! Abby had to have a blankie covering both of them cause they were 'hot' - the universal word for cold/hot :)

Ada has also had the pleasure of skyping with Grandma and Papa Thomas already! She doesn't say much but is pretty cute to look at!

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