Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day was spend at Grandma Maslar's house (Chrissie's maternal g-ma). Almost everyone was there and it was the usual loud, chaotic holiday! 

The kids ate a healthy breakfast before heading out to the the main meal!

Look at that spread!

Papa and Jake

Almost the whole family - minus 9 people

Madison displaying the wonderful desserts!

Cousin Devin did a great job entertaining all the little cousins!

Uncle Joe and Cousin Jake

Grandma and Ada

The big boys playing with little cars

I managed to capture Grandma's "mean face" on camera! Don't know who she was yelling at but man I feel for them! :)

Aunt Bippy and Abby

 Devin and Papa playing cards

Cousin Jake was having fun covering Ada with grass and leaves!

Love the look on Ada's face here :) Like "Why aren't you focusing on meeeeee?"

Giving Papa a kiss :)
Daddy, Abby and Papa

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