Tuesday, December 7, 2010

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E - part 1

The Thomas' took off again! This time we were Florida-bound for the week of Thanksgiving! We were all so excited to get to the warm weather but mostly cause we were going to DISNEY!!The first 4 days of our vacation were spent in Orlando with Joe's family. We had a house full with 6 adults, a toddler and two 8 month olds! It was non-stop action! We spent a day in 2 theme parks - Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. Abigail absolutely loved it all and was in shock! 

 This was the first time in 2 years that the entire Thomas clan was together.

The 3 grandgirls and Grammy on the way into Animal Kingdom - I don't know who was more excited...the kids or Grammy :)

Abigail was in absolute awe/shock of all the characters! We had tried to explain that they would be big and she didn't need to be scared cause they were very nice! Of course she was all talk...she would tell us that she wasn't scared and was going to go say hi but the second we got up there, she freaked! The only one she was really semi-ok with was Minnie Mouse. She loved waving to them from afar though! And would scream out their names! So cute!!

When she first met Minnie, she didn't really know what to think! I think she was in shock!

Even Ada loved Minnie!! (yes, my child is sucking on her nose :)

Grammy took Abby back up for a little more Minnie time :)

Abby didn't want to have anything to do with Goofy - though I can't really blame her, his Christmas outfit was a bit over-whelming! Ada, however thought he was fascinating!

Abigail was so frightened by poor Goofy! She was shaking and very upset!

So for the rest of the pictures with characters, we just positioned them in front of the cartoon and then took the picture :) 

Grammy was in Grand-girl heaven the whole time!

The first ride was the safari. I have to say, Disney really did an incredible job! We were all in awe of the animals and the entire habitat!! The giraffes were mine and Abigail's favorites - the baby was just too cute!

I love this picture - it shows the 'feel' of the entire safari! There was just so much to look at, you were constantly looking from side to side of the truck. Notice Joe's pointing something out while Abby has her arm outstretched pointing at something else!

Waving "hi" to the ostrich

We just happened to be in Orlando at the same time as Mike and Kristen Urban. Mike and Joe have been friends since they were toddlers and now our sweet little girls are friends! It was so cute to watch them enjoy the park together!

"Here Piggy Piggy"

Even Ada had a great time interacting with the animals!

Ada really liked the elephant statue!

The boys with their girls!

What's better than a Disney parade!?! Both girls loved it and danced along with the music and waved at all the characters! 

Love their faces here...they just didn't know how to process everything!

In line for "A Bug's Life" - a 3D movie...I think Abby liked playing with the lights in the waiting line more than she liked the movie!

Even after a day of crazy at Animal Kingdom...these two girls were still up for some playtime!

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