Monday, December 13, 2010

The Castle - part 2

Day two of the Disney Days was spent at Magic Kingdom - home of Mickey, Minnie and of course The Castle which in a 2 year old's eyes is filled with the most magical, beautiful princesses ever! The day started out with Joe waking up very sick and spending the day in bed while Abby tagged along with Grammy, Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Dan and Cousin Amelia. Mommy took the morning to relax and let Ada take a nice long nap before catching back up with the Disney clan that afternoon.

Elizabeth managed to get a couple pictures of Abby seeing the princesses for the first time! She was in awe and amazed! The girl, still to this day, talks about the princesses at the castle! Apparently she was yelling out to them and waving :) Love it!!

We went on so many rides and saw so many fun things! I'm very impressed that Abigail was able to keep up with it all! She handled the long lines wonderfully! I think our longest wait was for the Dumbo ride and that was around an hour long! 
Waiting in line - doing the "Hang on a chain and dance" pose :)

She loved riding the Dumbo ride and just couldn't stop smiling!!

Ada was such a happy baby through all of our running around and waiting! There was no schedule for us vacation week but she just went with the flow and never stopped smiling! I think she enjoyed Disney just as much as Abby!

During the parade, Abigail could hardly contain herself! She was waving and yelling at all the characters! When Mickey and Minnie made their debut I thought she was going to jump out of her skin! She was blowing them kisses left and right!

The Toy Story characters, Jesse and Woody were also favorites!

Ada and Grammy on the Winnie the Pooh ride
I love this picture! This was pretty much her face the whole day - waving and screaming at all the characters. Here she was waving at a moving Pooh statue on the ride. 

And at the end of the day, they couldn't even stay awake for the fireworks or night parade! 

Grammy and Papa with all their grandgirls

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