Friday, December 17, 2010

9 Months and 2.6 years

Ada turned 9 months! Hard to believe it's been that long! She's now crawling all over like a pro and we are finding out that our house has become a bit un-baby proofed in the last 2 years! She's also started standing while holding onto things and can shuffle around - all with this huge grin on her face! She's so proud when she figures out something new! She's in awe of her big sister and follows her from room to room...she's becoming quite fast as she tries to keep up! She loves people food - bread, crackers, any fruit/veggie pieces. She is great at picking food up off her plate and much prefers it to baby food. She's not much for talking...just sits back and listens and takes it all in. Ada is our quiet observer!

Big sister Abby is growing up too fast! She's like a real little person now! Her communication is excellent!! She's at such a fun age and always keeps us laughing! She loves school and her teacher Ms. Jordan! She can say her ABC's, count to 10, knows her colors and most shapes. We're still working on skills like sharing and being nice but for the most part she's a good 'player'. She loves her friends and is my little social butterfly!

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