Friday, December 31, 2010

Santa was here!!

Christmas morning Abby woke up at a wonderful 6 in the morning!! She was so surprised and excited to see that Santa had been there and he had eaten the cookies!! She couldn't believe the toys and dug right in!! Grandpa came over for the weekend and got to experience this first Christmas with us and see the happiness in Abigail!

Santa knows just what Abby likes - Yo Gabba Gabba and legos!!
 A life-sized doll!!!

Grandpa got Abigail the best gift of all though!! 
 A big box of bubble wrap!!
 Daddy showing Abby how to work the bubbles!
 Opening her stocking! She was so excited that there were two candy canes!
 Grandpa showing Abby his vampire shirt - notice her hands up at her mouth - she was scared!!
 Grandpa reading with Abby in her tent
 Sweet Ada spent some time trying out Abby's sippy cup

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