Friday, June 19, 2009


Abigail loves getting mail! She gets so excited when she sees her name on a package! This one was from Chris, Erica and Noah Cleghorn (Noah's her Virginia boyfriend :)

So thrilled about the picture of Noah for her dresser!

She's dancing! I don't know where she got her moves from! *dad*

Loving on her Baby Tad

Ms. Joan and Ms. Cheryl from Ron and Lynn's church in Florida got her this adorable little recliner! She loves to sit in it and read! We just have to teach her how to get out of it! *Wardrobe courtesy of Meghan Muniak :)

Watching Baby Einstein. She's not a huge fan of tv but will watch it for a couple minutes. Poor thing was exhausted from running all day and decided to lay down and take a break!

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