Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Party Time!!

This past weekend was Abigail's first birthday party! We started celebrating with Matt and Katie Doyle who were passing through South Carolina on their way north...

Katie helping Abby with her gift

Abigail had to examine it to make sure it was cute was!!

She decided that unwrapping was boring, so she climbed on top!

After we convinced her to open it she was so excited! Her first dollhouse! Complete with ringing phone and flushing toilet! Thanks Matt and Katie!

Finally it was party time!

Dessert table with mini-pineapples and bikini clad bears!

Abby loves her friends!

Here she is introducing Esme Rose to Tori

Papa Jim and McKinlee and birthday girl

Esme was so excited to have been invited to such a fun party!

My amazing college friend, Meghan came all the way from NJ!! It was a whirlwind trip for her - she was just in SC for a day!

Everyone chased the birthday girl :)

Bocce ball was a hit!

Little friends playing with little toys...

I seriously love this girl!!

The birthday girl and her cupcake! Mom wouldn't let her have her own cake since we technically did that the week before...didn't want too much of a sugar high!


She even got it up her nose!

With our official toddler!

The Facendas

The winners of the bocce ball competition - Sherman, Joe and Eric

Relaxing with the girls after a crazy party!


Peeking in the bags...

She loved her pinwheel that Tori got her!

Kept making daddy and Meghan spin it around!

Such a fun day!! Thank you everyone for being a part of her day!

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