Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer pool fun!

With the summer here and the weather already steaming hot, we've been spending a lot of time outside and with friends in the pool! For some reason Abigail's not much of a fan of the baby pool! She'll hang over the side and play in it but has no desire to sit down in it!

We forced her to sit for one picture...

And then she decided she'd had enough...

And left poor Kyler all alone!

This past week, Abigail had her first opportunity to try out a 'big pool' and surprise! She loved it! Her friend Tori (who she just adores) has a nice pool set up right in their backyard! Fun for Abby and Mommy!!

Video of Abigail's first time in a 'big pool' (press play)

Abigail's friend, Tori (she's almost 10 months)

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Minda said...

I recognize all those Target toys :) Glad she at least likes the big pool...have you tried a sprinkler or water hose yet? Fischer likes any kind of water...he'll sit with the dog bowl in the backyard for an hour just splashing mud all over himself!