Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bike Club!

For Abigail's birthday we bought her a bike trailer! She really does love it...though you wouldn't know it by the stone look in these pictures! We went out last night with the Facendas and Kyler just loved it!! Kept saying "Wheeeeee" over and over!

Joe made sure to let the neighbors know that Bike Club was coming...he kept honking his horn!!!

Justin was man enough to pull the kids...he's so strong :)

A long bike ride means snacks after!

Before the ride Kyler was talking about riding with cute :) (press play)

I tried to get video of Kyler saying "Wheee" but of course he stopped when he saw the camera! (Press play)

1 comment:

Sara Jo Lawrence said...

OK, Bike Club is a RIOT ... but Joe having a HORN on his bike?!?!? Even funnier!! Gotta love you!! I so wish we were neighbors!! :o)