Saturday, June 27, 2009


Whew! We have been non-stop the last couple weeks! And we're still going...but I have a few minutes where the laundry can wait and the dishes will still be there, so I'm going to blog! *And for those of you who think I neglect my child so that I can keep up with my computer blogs/facebook/emails, she's asleep :) For a good 2 hours at least! I have an awesome napper! So that's where I get my time to do things that I normally couldn't get done with her whining and pulling on my leg :)

Here are some pics from the last couple weeks -

Contemplating a swim in the new pool she got from Grandma!

Ok she's decided to go in!

But she doesn't want to sit, just stand

Her daddy's determined that she will like football!


Sara Jo Lawrence said...

That close up of her in the Gators hat is the CUTEST!!! I'm so sure she could win a baby contest with that one ... and I'm not even a college football fan! ;o)

Amber Cullum said...

She's a real cutie

Sarah said...

She is beautiful!