Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Abigail!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sunshine!! Mommy and Daddy love you Abigail!

Joe and I went in on Abby's birthday to get her out of her bed with a little song and dance. Joe immediately went to her crib and scooped down to give her a hug while I turned on the light. Little did he know, but she had taken off her diaper (poopy) and had it all over her and the crib!! And when Joe gave her a hug it was now all over him!! Talk about a birthday memory!

We celebrated the day with a play date with our MOPS friends at McDonalds and then some fun at the playground that afternoon with McKinlee and Julie Hodges. It was a great day for the birthday girl and she just kept talking over and over about her party! She also can now say how old she is and tries to hold up two fingers but it mostly comes out with 4 fingers up :)

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