Thursday, June 10, 2010

A 2 year old?? Really??

I have a 2 year old. Wow it's even weird typing it. I have a 2 year old. And a 3 month old. I have 2 kids. And a house. With 2 dogs and an amazing husband. I'm a grownup. Weird.

Abigail crossed over to the "terrible two's" last week and we celebrated and partied hard!! Birthdays are a celebration of life and this was another year that Abigail made it :) Yes, I said 'made it'. If you don't know Abigail, she's a bit on the wild side. Adventurous. A daredevil who looks danger in the face and laughs. She's hardly ever without a bruise or a bump but has yet (yet) to break a bone or do any major damage to herself. A non-stop, always on the go, exploring girl. But she also has an incredibly sweet side. Loves evening cuddles and mommy reading books to her. Kisses and hugs her baby sister with so much adoration and protection that only a big sister can. Mornings are spent with daddy on the recliner watching shows and playing games on his iPhone. Naptimes are still long and wonderful, re-energizing times and afternoons are usually spent 'learning' our ABC's or counting. Abigail started school this past year, entering into 2K when she was 20 months old. What a great experience that was for her! The socializing, learning and friends made are one of her favorite things to talk about! And boy does she talk! From the minute she wakes up till she's in bed, that girl always has her mouth going (Don't know who she gets that from!!!). 

Whew - now after all that gushy stuff, let's get to the pictures of the adorable birthday girl and her party!! We celebrated with her favorite cartoon crew - Yo Gabba Gabba!! 

When asked how old she is, Abigail will happily answer "Two!" While she tries to hold up her two little fingers :)

Nonnie and Ada. Nonnie (Terri Woodham) works with Joe and is a dear friend.

LOVE having 'big kids' around to play with the little ones :)

McKinlee - 20 months

Kyler helping Logan down the roller coaster!

The daddy of the 2 year old.

Try taking a picture of an overwhelmed 2 year old. It's next to impossible! I think I have 5 pictures of her in front of her sign - this is the only usable one :)

McKinlee and Morgan

One of the things Abby has learned recently is how to fold her hands to pray. She holds us accountable before every meal and looks around to make sure everyone has their hands folded!

Of course after praying comes Abby's favorite - Eating!!!

Our little friends Tori, 20 months and Ciara, 28 months

Sweet Esme is 19 months

Is it any surprise that she's eating yet again??

There were even games to keep the older boys occupied!

There's a party in my tummy! So yummy! So yummy! 

The birthday girl didn't know what to think of everyone watching her and singing to her! She was a little embarrassed and I have to admit - it was adorable!! 

Love how Kyler's by her side...with a fork :)

She was a little apprehensive about the cake and candle...

But she knew what to do!

Bad focus spot but you can still see how adorable she is blowing out the candle!

And a sweet birthday kiss from a sweet friend :) The friendship these two have is so so sweet!

Part of the craziness - It was so fun to watch all the little people running around!


Another cake break :) So was 3 pieces of pizza, 2 pieces of cake, some carrots, some chips, and who knows how many Capri Suns!

Then it was present time!! Abigail was a true princess - Madison and Morgan would open the presents and then hand them to Princess Abigail to Oooh and Aaahhh over!

The girl loves shoes! These were from her sweet friends Kelsie and Jamie and she knew it! She calls them her "Kelsie shoes" - well it comes out "Kel-kie shoes"  :)

Kyler and Abby examining the earrings and bracelets she received!

These next pictures tell the whole story - Abigail is into dress-up right now and loves princess dresses. When she opened the bag and saw this she literally freaked out saying "oooh Mommy wook wook, pitty!!" You can almost hear her saying it! She was holding it up so I could take a picture of her with it :)

Had to add a picture of mommy going down the roller coaster :)

And the whole Gabba crew! (I made our shirts with iron-ons - we each had one of the Gabba gang!)

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