Monday, June 21, 2010

Ada's nursery

Ada's nursery is so bright and colorful! The colors are almost neon depending on the time of day. The morning sun comes in through the windows and makes the room so cheerful! Abigail loves playing in there so many mornings we just plop on the floor and enjoy the sunshine!

Looking in the room (I just realized that the bow above Ada's name has fallen! Just envision that bow hanging up ;)

The changing table/dresser had glass drawers and I used some vintage fabric from Grandma Faye's house to cover them.  A little piece of Grandma for Ada :)  And of course as soon as Little Miss saw the camera out, she came running and screaming "Cheeeeeeese" at me!

Looking back into the hallway - That dollhouse on top of the bureau was my (Chrissie) Grandma Faye's when she was a little girl! So delicate and sweet!

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Amber Cullum said...

So cute!!! Does Ada sleep in there already? If so, I again am jealous. Bennett's nursery now looks like a dungeon. We had to cover all of the windows, because he wouldn't stay asleep in there due to all of the light.