Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ada's three months old!

Ada Lynn turned 3 months last week. She's now talking/babbling quite a bit and paying attention to us more. She's a great sleeper (12hrs at night since 7 weeks) and a wonderful tag-a-long as Abigail and I are non-stop! She has a sweet personality already and hardly cries! She fits into our family perfectly!

Love her expressions and the way she furrows her brow! Like she's saying "Seriously...this is my family?!?"

She loves her playmat and 'talks' to all the animals and toys that hang from it. 

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Amber Cullum said...

The pics are so cute!! I do love their expressions. They make a hard day worth it.....most of the time. However, I am jealous that she sleeps so well. One day that will be me..........LOL