Sunday, June 6, 2010

Around the mountain and back...

Last weekend we did exactly that...went around the mountain to Hiawassee, GA and back again in a matter of 3 days. We found that traveling with one child is a whole different story than traveling with two! Now when one cries, the other feels like they have to join in! Doesn't make a 5 hour trip fun, but it does turn it into 6 hours one day, an overnight stay at my aunt's house and then another 2 hours the next day! Only to spend the night with dad and turn around to head home! Luckily the ride home was only (and I say that with a big eye roll) a 6 hour drive!
We went over to GA for my Grandma Faye Wine's burial service. She passed away at the end of December but due to some not being able to make that service, they postponed the burial and had two separate events. Grandma would  have liked that. She always did love the family getting together and celebrating big at the house. The chaos, noise, kids running was definitely the kind of party she would have loved managing :) There were aunts, uncles, cousins, and random people who we weren't quite sure if they belonged but boy were they fun :) We knew we were all somehow related and that's all that mattered! 
Saturday was a full day. We got in around 11:30am and it was just in time for the chili festival in the middle of town! So Joe, me, my dad and the kids loaded up just 5 minutes after pulling in, to head downtown and enjoy the perfect day. As we found the perfect spot under a shady tree, we soon realized that the rest of the family (all four thousand, six hundred and thirty-seven) of them were also walking around! It was a Wine family reunion in downtown Hiawassee :) 

Dancing to the music with Great Aunt Tammy

The perfect spot to people watch and relax!

Mmmmmm chili :)

Abigail had to be shoved into the bounce house but once in she had a great time - mommy however was a little freaked every time a big kid bounced near her little kid :)

After a bit of time at the festival, we headed back to Grandpa's house for some tire swing, hot dogs and creek swimming!

Abby stripped down pretty quickly when mommy told her she could get in the creek! 

And then she stripped down a little more and mommy had to go and get her suit!

Have you seen cuter little cheeks??? I think not!!

But all the fun ends when someone trips and lands on their bottom!

Even daddy enjoyed the water!

Again with those little cheeks!! I love them!

After a little nap we ventured over to 'the big house' for dinner with the family. 

Ada and her Bumpy (great grandpa)

With her Great Great Grandma 

Trying to sneak in on the cake :)

Ada with her great great aunt, Faith (Grandma Faye's twin sister)

What a family!

Long but good day with family

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