Wednesday, November 2, 2011

YOOoooOOOOO Gabba Gabba!!

As soon as I heard Yo Gabba Gabba was going to be in town I ordered our tickets! Yo Gabba Gabba is a favorite tv show of both of my girls and I knew they would LOVE to see them in person! We told Abby right away that we were going and she was soooo excited! Although, Mommy and Daddy were probably more excited than she was!! 
Here she is as we were getting ready for the show - so excited!!
 Even though Ada doesn't look too thrilled she was jumping all over with excitement! From this picture though, Mommy and Daddy are overly excited :) We even had shirts with the gang on them!
Mommy, Abby and a Muno cutout
Waiting for the show to start!
We had AWESOME seats! Only 7 rows back and a great view of the stage!! It was an incredible show and kept the kids entertained the entire time! *When DJ Lance came out, the Daddy was starstruck...he couldn't believe he was seeing the real people from the tv show :)

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