Thursday, November 24, 2011

November and the start of the holidays

November came and went in a whirl. It actually all started in September. We found out our ice maker line had been leaking under the house and had flooded the crawlspace so much that it had destroyed the insulation and the sub-floors of the house. This meant that the floors in most of the house had to be ripped out, dried out, then replaced. Thankfully, it was all covered by insurance, however, it was during one of the busiest 'Thomas Seasons' of the year! So in mid October, we packed up and moved to a rental (a dear friend's house whom we are so incredibly grateful for!). Our house was packed up and then ripped up for 2 months. The girls really did so well with all the transitions and moving, however, in some pictures you will notice that Ada still has her paci...we decided to wait till all the craziness was over to attempt the removal of that object. Didn't want to scar her more than we needed to at this point :) 

So, that leads us to November. Thanksgiving parties, fall, birthday parties and of course, Santa!!

Abigail is very much my little Diva...she's so into accessories and picking out her own clothes! She usually does a really great job but sometimes I have to reign her back in when she chooses something that's a little too daring of an outfit :) She has this way of choosing an outfit, she lays out each piece until she has what she visioned. 

The rental house we are staying out is awesome for fall! The trees are losing their leaves like crazy and the weather has been absolutely perfect for playing outside! The girls had never seen so many leaves and each time we are out, they beg for huge leaf piles to jump in! 
Can you find Ada?

The backyard was also great for driving around friends! Abby Thomas and Abby Colson had so much fun!

Some morning fun with Daddy!
 LOVE this! She totally disappeared into the leaves after that jump!
 Some people bury their Daddys in the sand, we bury them in leaves!!

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