Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!!

Abby's 3K class took a little field trip over to a pumpkin patch! It was really cute - with a little story and snack...then they let the kids run around and play on the playground and in the pumpkin set up.
Listening to the story

Ada loved looking at all the different pumpkins...she would run up to each one and just touch them all.
She kept trying to pick up the biggest pumpkins
And would get so upset when she couldn't lift them!

I tried to get a good picture of both girls...but they were determined to make that impossible for me. Notice Abby's pose...no clue where she learned that.
 Abby's 3K class

One Sunday our church had a "Day at the Farm" where after the service we were invited to a local farm - Pim Farms - to play in the corn maze, see the animals and have a picnic lunch. The girls had a great time with their little friends and it was nice to let them run free!

Playing in the corn
Ada would just lay against the side and cover herself in corn!

Abby loves hay rides or tractor rides! She was so excited when she saw the huge tractor and the wagon behind it!

Walking through the corn maze with Whitt

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