Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Look Mom, I'm driving!" followed by "She's bouncing off the walls" and "You got a 2 year old skates??"

For no apparent reason other than the fact that we knew she'd love it, we got Abigail a little Power Wheels 4X4. And if she's going to be a South Carolina girl, then it needs to be a John Deere Power Wheels :) The girl's a little crazy driving it, and hopefully this isn't an indication of how she'll be in 14 years - but that's enough practice time right?

"OK so, the gas is on the right, right? No wait, left? No, the right is right"

Daddy helps Abby along in the beginning...
I love this picture...Daddy trying to keep Abby from hitting a tree and Abby looking oblivious to all around her :)


Little girl, big yard.

"Ummmmm, Daddy?!?"

A couple weekends ago we wanted to get Abby out of the house and run off some energy. So we took her to Fundaygo which is a warehouse that's filled with bounce houses and slides. There were only a couple other kids there so we were able to really play and have a great time! 


Even Ada had fun jumping!


Even Daddy had a chance to go down the slides!
I don't know who had more fun, Daddy or Abby! Both had smiles that took over their faces!

I bought Abigail roller skates. Yes, I probably wasn't thinking straight. The cheap price tag probably was the main reason. But let me tell you - that girl loves them :) And my justification for them is that it's helping her balance and coordination. Yes, I know, far fetched but I had to have something :)  (ignore the wild hair - she had just gotten into my hair goop)

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