Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 months old

Ada turned 5 months old on the 8th. Her 4 month appt was just a week ago and she measured in at 10lbs 10 oz. and around 22 inches long. My little midget of a child! She's been such a joy to our family!! A sweet, even tempered child who I can honestly say, never cries just to cry. She's started the rolling process and can get all the way over until that one arm just gets stuck and refuses to coordinate with the rest of her body. Thus, she will get stuck in a weird contortionist pose with the bottom half on her belly and her top half twisted around like an Auntie Anne's pretzel stick! She's been drooling more than usual lately and loves loves loves to suck on her ring and pinky fingers on her right hand. But instead of just sticking them in her mouth like a normal baby, she twists her whole hand upside down. Ada loves to talk and laugh too! She "coos" and "ahhs" all the time and once she sees someone watching her, will break out into a huge smile. Her laughter is just barely there but when she lets loose, it's the cutest, faintest giggles you've ever heard. She loves loves loves her sister more than anything and when Abigail is near she will watch her and smile at her non-stop. Abigail thinks she has her own personal baby doll and insists on doing Ada's diaper changes. Quite a sight to watch. Ada's still sleeping through the night (12 glorious hours!) and eats every 3 hrs (on the dot!). She loves little cat naps throughout the morning but I can usually get a good 2 straight hours out of her in the afternoon. And she's still hanging onto the one last little hour nap she takes at 6:30pm but if I remember, Abby hung onto that until about 6 months so I anticipate the same for Ada.
These two girls have so much in common but also so many differences! I can already see the personalities and how the react to things. Abby is definitely my drama queen, over-reactor, non-stop yet thoughtful and precious but Ada is my calm spirit, quiet little sweetheart who just sits back and watches is all and soaks it all in. I'm sure I'll have double trouble on my hands when these two are conspiring together :) 

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Amber said...

so precious!! I loved the picture you posted on FB of Ada laying in the sand or shall I say clay at the lake. Too cute!!