Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm just taking a moment to update the grandma Faye Wine passed away yesterday afternoon after a long battle with cancer. We were so lucky to get one last Christmas and it was so extra special for all of us! We had more family in that house than we've had in a long time!! Here are just a few pictures from our holiday festivities!

Merry Christmas! I haven't had a chance to do Christmas cards or even slightly edit/look at the pictures I've taken of Abigail so you'll probably see them here in the next couple weeks as I get caught's one that I thought was so sweet.

Grandpa kept teasing poor Abigail with cookies!

My child was introduced to the nastiest thing this weekend...oysters! But she loved them! Weird little kid :)


Opening a present from Grandma Faye...

A baby doll of course!!

She loved her and promptly wrapped her in blankie and made sure she was warm :)

Hugging a bear at the big Lodge in town...

The gingerbread houses were a hit! She wanted the candy (so did mama :)

Doesn't the sky look like it's on fire? Gorgeous!

These guys were having too much fun at the Dirty Santa game :)

What a group!

My cousin Jake...isn't he just darling?

Here's a side profile of me so you can see how biiiiig I'm getting :) Doesn't help that I have bad posture and a baggy sweater the camera adds 10 pounds right??

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