Monday, December 7, 2009

Georgia Mountain visit

This past weekend we took a family trip over to visit my grandparents and my dad. There was a cold front that came through and we got to experience the first snow of the season! It was sooo cold but beautiful! We had a great time just sitting around in the warmth and watching it outside :)

The front of Grandma and Bumpy's house during the snow!

We did get a little stir crazy in the house and Abigail needed a little break (so did the grandparents!) so we took Abigail down to Fun World(an arcade) to burn off some of her energy. It's such a great place to let her down to just run!
Here she is playing a video game!

And of course we had to break the rules a little! How else were we to get the tickets needed for the monstrosity of a teddy bear??

Meanwhile daddy had a little fun on the carousel!

Then we all got to ride!

For all those who have's a pregnancy picture! You can kinda see the bump ;)

Abigail got to spend a little time with her Great-great Grandma Mary!

She was very sweet about giving hugs!

Pit stop for some scenic photos!

Good-bye Georgia! See you at Christmas!!

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