Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Fun night with the Facendas!

Tuesday nights are pizza nights with our friends, Justin, Carie and Kyler Facenda. The kids are getting so much fun and are so funny to watch as they play together! Each telling the other 'No' and of course we're going through all the sharing and hitting issues but overall we have a great time and the kids get along so well!

Tonight we had cupcakes for our dessert and Abigail was overjoyed and attacked the cupcake as soon as it was placed in front of her!

Kyler however, was a little more cautious with the cupcake and didn't want to get his hands or face too dirty :)

And of course what's more fun after eating cupcakes? Trying on all of Abigail's pajamas of course! Silly kids...we leave them alone for less than a minute and the crazy things they come up with!

They were both concentrating so hard on getting those shorts over their jeans!

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