Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tonight may be our last 'baby free' evening!

Today at my doctor's appt I was told that tonight may be our last 'baby free' evening at home! Due to my swelling and high blood pressure, doctor wants to start the induction process tomorrow night! So as you all are sleeping wonderfully in your comfy beds, I'll be having meds pumped through my IV to soften my cervix and prepare for baby! If all goes well they'll start the pitocin which will get the contractions and baby going! If there's no progress by noon on Thursday they'll send me home - so please everyone pray that this baby girl is ready to come out! I would hate to be sent home after going through all that!!

Joe and I are so excited and are going to spend our last night relaxing and enjoying the quiet of our house! I'll try to get the next update on here as soon as possible but if there's nothing here by Thursday afternoon, then that probably means she's here!!

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