Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Morning Update

So after much thinking and praying and more praying, I've decided to put off the induction. I just did not have a good feeling about forcing baby girl out when she wasn't showing any signs of being ready to come. I didn't feel like my high blood pressure was a good enough reason - esp since it's on the 'low side of high'. So I called the doctor and explained my concerns and we agreed to wait until Monday to take further action. He admitted that he was inducing tonight more out of convenience than anything else since he was going to be on call and since I looked miserable. But we both agreed to give it 5 more days and then on Monday we would decide to induce that day or Tuesday. I feel so much better. Like relief. I just did not have a good feeling about it and the fact that he was just doing it out of convenience wouldn't have made me feel better. So please keep us in your prayers that she comes before Monday on her own. I'm off to try all the old wives tales possible to get labor started!!

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