Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cruising - #3

Day 3 was an amazing day. I think it was, by far, my favorite.
Citta di Lucca. Joe had been here on a previous trip and was really excited to take me there. It was just as intriguing as he said it would be! A small city, surrounded by concrete walls. You parked outside in a lot and walked through the entire city. Or you rented bicycles and just had a fun ride!
Joe and his rental car
 Passing through the mountains and near Pisa...see the leaning tower there in the middle of the picture??
 The wall surrounding the city - such a fortress!
 You were able to ride around the city on top of the wall! It was like a huge road!
 There was a huge tower in the city that you could climb to the top and a little courtyard where you could see around the entire city.
 Overlooking the city
 A small restaurant in an alley that we had an amazing Italian lunch
A field of sunflowers!

After leaving Lucca, we headed back towards the port but on our way, we stopped at Pisa to get a couple pictures of the "Leaning Tower"

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