Saturday, August 13, 2011

When Daddy's away, the girls will....GO TO FLORIDA

Joe won another trip through Edward Jones!! This time he went to Turkey for 10 days!! The Mommy was still too attached to the babies to leave them for so long and for so far away so she decided to let the Daddy take a friend and she stayed behind to have a little girl fun!! The day before Daddy left, we packed up our car and started the 9 hour drive to Florida! Luckily Grammy Thomas was left behind by PaPa and she was able to drive back with us - a HUGE help to the Mommy!! While we were in Florida, we made Grammy and PaPa's house our 'home base' and crashed there in between stops. We traveled all over the West Coast of Florida in 10 days time!! Our visit included staying at Grammy and PaPa's, then we moved on to Aunt Melissa's house, and made a stop to see Uncle Mike, then Mommy's high school friend Anna's house, and then college friend Elisa's house then back up to Grandma and Papa Maslar's was a whirl of a trip and the girls were great at keeping up and the madness of traveling!! 

Movie night with Elisa and her kids, Addie and Nate

Catching up on the news with Grandma Maslar
Abby loved the blue water of South Florida! 
 The Mommy misses this!!!

My friend Anna lives near Sarasota which is where the big Mote Museum and Aquarium is. We took an afternoon and loaded up the girls to go!
Abby telling us how big the sharks were!
And in true Thomas Girl fashion, we hit the beach again!! The girls loved spending time with Uncle Mike!!
And we totally acted like tourists, broke out the chips and fed the seagulls!! 

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