Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Beach AGAIN!?!?!

The end of July, the Thomas girls packed up and went to the beach!! We were determined to take advantage of every little bit of summer that we could! We went with 3 other moms and their kids...together there were 4 moms and 7 toddlers/babies. It was mass chaos with even more excitement and fun!! We had perfect weather and such a great time!!

Our bags are packed! We're ready to go!! After our grocery shopping trip, you could barely see those sweet girls in the back! (Emily Rhoad and Abby)
 Ada trying to figure out why the baby was crying...
 She even attempted to 'perform' for her!
 Hmmmmm, maybe she was the one making the baby cry, so the mommy would come pick her up, thus leaving the coveted bumbo seat empty!
Kate and Abby walking to the beach
Four sweet(mostly) girls splashing in the water
(Alaina, Kate, Abby, Emily)
 Ada and Luke

One of the days we were there, we visited Alligator Adventure. It's a reptile zoo with all kinds of alligators and creatures. Abigail and the other girls had such a great time! They even had a feeding time with the gators where they talked about them and fed them whole chickens!

 Can you believe this!?! This was just a section of the place.
 LOVE this kid!! I told her to act like she was being eaten :)
 The alligator feeding

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