Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's party time!

Even though we celebrated Abby's birthday with a trip to the NC mountains and Thomas the Train, Mommy still wanted to do something fun with all the little friends in Hartsville! There were two other sweet, kids with their 3rd birthdays within days of Abby's so the 3 mom's got together and planned one big bash! We had a pool party for the Mommies and the kiddies!! It was so much fun and everyone had such a great time! 
The 3 birthday kids!! Caleb, Abby and Ethan

The kids all enjoyed the pool and then pizza! It was so cute to see them all sitting on their towels eating!
The sweet birthday girl - she gets so embarrassed when people sing to her!
Happy Birthday to my sweet and vibrant 3 year old! I'm so proud of you and the joy you bring!! You are a wild, crazy and perfectly sweet(most of the time) girl and I adore you!!!

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