Thursday, July 7, 2011

A weekend for celebrating!

The July 4th weekend was a busy one around the Thomas house! We had the fireworks and festivities on the Friday before the 4th and then the next morning we packed up and left for the long drive over to Dahlonega, GA for cousin Jessica's wedding! 

The girls were asked to be flower girls for Cousin Jessy's wedding - they were little princess fairies! Abby was so excited to wear the outfit with wings(which mommy made :) and walk down the aisle. She took her job very seriously! Ada on the other hand was nothing but trouble and a rebel. She wanted nothing to do with the wedding and instead just run wild around the park!
Abby tried her best to keep Ada in line and walking down the path but little Ada fought it!
 Ada and the gorgeous bride, Jessica
 She was a little apprehensive about the ring bearer and couldn't understand why he wouldn't hold her hand when they walked back down the aisle!
 And here's what happened when we tried to get Ada to do anything, she would pitch a fit!
 Abby getting ready to be a mini-princess! She was so serious and excited!!
 Adjusting the crown
 She insisted that she needed makeup for the party!

We are so proud of Abigail! She stood up at the front of the wedding for the entire hour long ceremony...outside!!! She took her job so seriously and was the perfect little flower girl!

Grandpa goofing off with Abby, Vance and Hayden

At the reception, each table had to sing for their dinner and Joe was the one chosen from our table for the honor! Good job sweetie!!

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